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with Sally Davis

I envisioned this website to be a special place where people could come and find daily inspirations and reasons to smile through words and images… Life is about living in the moment. We should take pleasure in the colour of the sky, a pretty wild flower, a smile shared, hearing or sharing a kind word… Tomorrow is not promised so we should live every day moment by moment, receiving each new experience as a gift with the knowledge that it will contribute towards moulding us into our future self, and, hopefully, a stronger and better version of who we are today…

Here you can meander through life's special nuggets where beautiful surprises await you...where words create images to fascinate you and images transform your expressions into little reactions of's created especially to nourish your come join us on our daily soul stroll....

When the Caterpillar's dreams are woven with a Golden Thread, then suddenly grows wings and takes flight by following the signs hidden in plain sight and becomes the beautiful reality hoped for but never imagined emerges as the Butterfly, carried by the winds to a brand new life...this new and beautiful life...where dreams do become a reality...

Surviving With Gratitude by Sally Davis

April 10, 2017 by Sally

  Gratitude becomes an important part of everyone’s life if we are able to recognize it, experience it and embrace it. It truly impacts how we view everything around us from a morsel of food we enjoy while mindful that there is someone else going hungry, to appreciating the ability to wash our hands knowing … Continued

Errol Tyrone “Bumpy” Nanton – Dreaming and Living in Dynamic Colour – A story of Mas, never going home, flying at 30,000 feet and living a life of gratitude! by Sally Davis

February 14, 2017 by Sally

    Errol Tyrone “Bumpy” Nanton     Dreaming and Living in Dynamic colour – A story of Mas, never returning home, flying high at 30,000 feet and living a life of gratitude! Antigua’s Carnival is dubbed the “Greatest Summer Festival”. It is a time when people come home to enjoy the season, the calypso, … Continued