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Feed Your Soul…

February 12, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning! Happy Monday wherever you are!

We are having an extremely breezy morning here in beautiful Antigua. It’s been raining of and on all night, so there is also quite a chill in the air. All the trees look like they have diamonds hanging at the ends of their leaves. It feels like the perfect day to stay in bed with socks on, with a nice big cup of spicy Tchai tea, and a good book! Do you ever feel like that? And I don’t mean just because it’s Monday, I mean any day, where you feel as though you need to stop everything and “pamper” yourself? It’s your soul calling on you to remember that it too needs attention. 

We take care of our basic needs daily like clockwork – we bathe, groom ourselves, some of us exercise, and we eat to nourish our bodies, but how many of us stop to nourish the most important part of who we are – our souls? That part of us that allows us to care, to show compassion, understanding, emotions, the “feeling” part of us? Hmmmmmmm…I can almost hear the silence all the way over here…

Don’t forget to feed your soul! Actively practise doing so – maybe you love to read, maybe taking a walk along a pretty road, sitting in a coffee shop quietly people watching, going to a show, creating pieces of Art, listening to music curled up on your sofa, contorting yourself in a yoga class, sitting in a window and allowing your mind to empty and allowing the sun to shine on your face, or reading books by authors who specialize in inspiring others. Find out what makes your soul feel at peace and happy then do it, or do more of it whether it’s alone or with someone who shares your passion.

Remember to feed your soul the same way you would nourish your body…It too needs taking care of.

Have a wonderful Monday and an even more awesome week. Be kind to yourself and others and share your smile someone may really need it.