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Antigua…Where Dreams Are A Reality

February 1, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning! Happy Thursday!

How much do you appreciate where you live? No matter where in the world you are there are issues – poverty, political unrest, religious strife, economic problems etc. The most important thing to most of us as individuals is the quality of life we have wherever we are and how we are able to provide for our families. I am not blind to the challenges that face many of us in our beautiful island but for now on any given day I choose to see the good that surrounds me. I see the beauty of living on an island every day – the birds, the flowers, the sunsets and sunrises – just to name a few. Not to mention the friendly smiles I share with people I know or don’t know, the fact that on any given day I see people who are familiar to me, if I have a problem support is close by, no matter where I am a beach is not more than twenty minutes away, our weather is mostly beautiful blue skies and sunshine, most services are accessible, and it’s warm.

Can you count at least seven to ten things that make you happy where you live or provide you with a good quality of life…I hope so, because it’s so important to be comfortable and happy where you live. I am sharing just a few photos of my island paradise…For today I am highlighting the positives! Have a wonderful Thursday and let’s start looking forward to the weekend. It is almost here!