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Blurred Reality

March 1, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Wednesday!!


Life is so mysterious and beautiful and ugly. Wouldn’t it be something if our reflection on any shiny surface showed who our true selves were. In some instances the mirror, a surface of water, or a camera would surely break. In other instances those surfaces would shed tears or express anger and even smile with joy or laugh heartily.

The fact though is how often do we stand in front of a mirror or pass a huge window of a store and look at our reflection and know that what looks back at us doesn’t truly reflect who we are, what we are, how we feel, or what our life really is like. The reality of that reflection is blurred, even to us! Don’t you sometimes surprise yourself when you see that reflection, I know I do. I often am relieved that only my outside can be seen in that reflection, ’cause the turmoil inside at the time needs to remain hidden so that I can continue to live without being judged, laughed at, pulled apart…There are other times when you smile and laugh and the reflection does you justice and it genuinely smiles back at you.

Remember though that just as you are relieved that your reflection blurs your reality at times, there are others who feel the same way, and hope that when you look at them they don’t see in your eyes their true reflections looking back at them, unless of course everyone is sharing smiles and laughter all round!

Sending everyone Hugs and Butterfly Kisses showered in endless love today, especially for those who need it most…

Keep smiling and sharing a gentle word, somebody, somewhere always needs a kind touch to their life!