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Just over a year ago I created Butterfly Kisses for The Soul to provide a space where people could come to on a daily basis to experience positivity at the start of their day and throughout the day. I share beautiful photographs combined with narratives and thought provoking mini posts. This seemed a natural progression for me after having posted words of encouragement and photographs for several years on my personal FB wall, so many persons showed appreciation for them and encouraged me to create posts on a daily basis. I really want the visitors to this page to feel happy to start their day, and to feel inspired and uplifted!

Butterfly Kisses for The Soul is specially named in honour of Butterflies. They have always played a special role in my life since I was a child, and have become a symbol of hope and encouragement throughout. Actually, Butterfly Kisses hold a special place in my heart as our Mum used to give them to me and my brother by fluttering her eyelashes on our face barely touching the skin. It is a very tender gesture that used to make my whole being smile and sometimes caused me to burst into giggles! Nothing is better for the soul than smiles, giggles and good feelings!! I didn’t always pay close enough attention to the butterflies until they suddenly started swarming my life in 2015 and I could no longer ignore their connection to events that had been important catalysts for changes in my world.

This is what Butterfly Kisses for The Soul is all about. It is here that you will find photographs that will brighten your day while giving you the option to make a purchase that you might fall in love with, you will find words to encourage you along on your day, an opportunity to add some colour to your life with a fun childhood activity, with access to inspiring stories that share how others overcome challenges and accomplish their dreams. It is a reflection of day to day life experiences and the expression of beauty inspired mainly by island life and scenery in Antigua, as well as my travels to different countries.

It is my hope that anyone who visits this page will feel and know that they are special, and that I am sending them smiles wrapped in kindness and love every day!

I am a vibrant Caribbean woman who loves life and finds joy in the many things and the people I encounter on a daily basis. I am also the mother of three young adults who I always call my “three heartbeats”. I see rainbows in the sky as a huge smiles, a person’s kind gesture as a Blessing, a pretty flower as a bright spot in my day and a butterfly as a beautiful sign of something great to come. Challenges are lessons and opportunities for me to try to do better. I love sharing a smile with someone, even a stranger and offering a kind word when someone looks like they need cheering up.

I have embarked on a journey of self discovery over the past several years after experiencing a life changing episode earlier. Since then it has transported me onto a path where I have resumed my passion for writing and creating Art, and even started dabbling in photography. With my creative soul re-emerging and strengthened with time, I am now bolder, more confident and gaining momentum as I explore and re-energise how I live creatively.

More recently with overwhelming support and encouragement from my children, family and friends I have been sharing some of these experiences through social media and have begun building a new way of life for myself professionally.

As human beings our soul always needs kindness, even when we may not realize it, such gestures especially sharing a smile makes a difference to our day. I truly believe in turning someone’s frown upside down into a smile just by being kind, I believe in sharing life’s beautiful episodes through Butterfly Kisses for The Soul….let’s take a stroll together and discover the smiles that I come across and share daily.