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Choose To Be Unique…

May 1, 2018 by Sally

Good Morning, it has been a while!

Let’s just say that Sally Davis of Butterfly Kisses For The Soul has been on a bit of a self exploration journey! Here’s what’s been happening.

Towards the end of 2017 I decided to start being more creative and reconnecting with the young woman I remembered growing up, whose creativity used to surprise even me – She was full of ideas and practically fearless, until someone told her that she couldn’t and in that moment she believed.This pretty much broke her creativity from an Artists perspective and she has been struggling to re-engage that creative side and allowing it to grow! SO I have spent the last several months making some changes in how I create, what I do with my creativity and how I present myself, my Art, my creations.

I have begun concentrating on creating more Art, specifically on black ink drawings and doing more crafty type projects. It’s amazing once you start how your hands and mind suddenly remember and you don’t have to think too hard after a while, you just have to allow your brain to have the freedom to move and direct you without asking too many questions – it’s all about being in a zone. My new self discovery has surprised even me. 

I also joined a group called Artisans Antigua Travelling Market here in Antigua where local Artisans showcase their beautiful products at different venues. This is the brainchild of Janda Bailey who saw a need for local artisans to have a way to showcase their productions and provided a means for them to do so. These products can range from Food, Arts and Crafts, Drinks, Handmade jewelry, bags, recycled glass products, photographs, hand crafted soaps, natural products and paintings among other things. It’s been a great experience!!

I have also dabbled a bit in doing mini videos of Antigua when I go out and posting them on my FB page. This I have discovered makes people happy, more so than still photographs. I am currently participating in Elle Luna’s 100 Day Project on Instagram (IG). My hashtag is #100dayscelebratinglifeinantigua if you are interested in following, each post is placed to my IG account butterflykisses_2015 – follow me if you’re not doing so already. You can access it easily via this page by clicking on the IG lcon.

SOOOOOO…. let’s just say I have been exploring more creative options and pushing myself to do more things differently and outside of my comfort zone but even more importantly getting back in touch with my creative artsy side! In other words I am embracing the uniqueness that makes me Sally. I think we all should, don’t you?

Have an awesome Tuesday and enjoy the rest of your week!