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Angel in the Sunlight!

March 8, 2018 by Sally

                                           (Sunset and Angel Cloud from Darkwoods Beach, Antigua)


Good Morning! Happy TBT! I took this photograph three years ago to the day today – Sunday 8th March 2015. I happened across it as I was looking for another image amongst my photos last night. Every time I come upon it I am reminded of that day and can remember looking around from chatting and walking down to the water’s edge mesmerised by what I was seeing. I took several frames of this particular cloud formation as it held my gaze, all I could see when I looked at it was an Angel. Anytime I have shown it to someone, they say the same thing “Angel”.

I thought that seeing as “today” we all face so many challenges and there is so much wrong in and with our world, I would share this beautiful Angel with all those huge rays of light behind it spreading across the sky. 

As we face each day and each challenge whether big or small, let us remember that the light is what will continue to shine even when darkness looms. 

I wish everyone a very special day filled with love, light and Blessings, keep smiling and be kind to others. Hugs and Butterfly Kisses!