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He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not…

February 9, 2018 by Sally

Good Morning! Happy Friday!


How many of us have said those first six lines using the same silly words as youngsters growing up?

According to my research, it is actually a game of French origin where one person seeks to find out if another whom they have affection for, feels the same way. The person says the words while removing a petal from a daisy every time they say a phrase, until all the petals are gone and the last phrase on the last petal is the truth they are seeking.

As we all know February is considered the month of love. Next week is Valentine’s, and the fact is that it’s not always a happy day for everyone, especially if you are alone. The commercialization alone of this day makes it even harder to avoid or escape, it’s everywhere – on the internet, in shops, supermarkets, even on the roadside with persons selling roses and other symbolic gifts associated with Valentine’s.  

What if we all chose to love ourselves more and to always practice self-care? Would we need to have all of these external things and commercial entrapments to validate to us that we are loved by our partner? Furthermore, if we practised giving and sharing love with our significant others every day would we need a Valentine’s Day? What do you think?

This year I encourage everyone to love themselves a little more, take time to care for yourself, teach your daughters and sons about loving themselves first so they can love someone else in a more healthy way, show and express more love among your family and friends. And if you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day do it as an extension of what you are already engaging in and feeling so that it becomes not an exception but another opportunity to give love and share love…Let it be an extension of how you are living! You and your partner should be expressing love and kindness to each other all the time not just at Valentine’s. 

Here’s to a happy Love-Life, all day, every day, not just showing off on Valentine’s Day!