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Leap into your today’s and your tomorrows!

February 5, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning!! HAPPY MONDAY!!

Do you actually feel happy that it’s Monday? Hmmmmmm….I think the majority of the workforce does not “feel” for Mondays.

It’s time to make that switch in your brain and transform that negative thinking into something positive! If not it means that you start every week from a place of negativity. And worse if you feel that way every day it’s time to make a change! You know what I mean by that? A J-O-B change!

Seriously though people, begin by waking up every Monday and hitting the reset switch in your mind. Start “feeling” thankful and grateful first of all that you woke up and THEN thankful that you actually have a job that you can go to. Slowly start thinking about what good things the new week will bring to your life. All of these brain “exercises” will help you get up with purpose and feel more energised on a Monday. Trust me, I have done it. I used to hate Mondays, and then I decided that I wanted to wake up in a more positive frame of mind to begin my week. And believe me at that time, where I was working it was a herculean effort to switch!! However, you will be surprised, once you make the decision to “make that switch” and you practise, in a few weeks you will have started feeling differently and find yourself bouncing out of bed on a Monday like it was Friday!! And next thing you know you will be looking forward to every day regardless of what you are facing, it’s all about attitude and mastering how you respond to life!

Have a great Monday and an even more awesome week! Leap into each day like you OWN it!!