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January 23, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning!

There are days when I want my waking moments to begin quietly.What about you? I want to be able to slowly allow the noise of the day to creep in, I don’t want to be bombarded with sounds that don’t fit in with the early hours of the morning.

This photograph has a similar effect on me. It takes me back to a few months ago to when I was in Luxembourg and every time I go back to this photo, I feel so peaceful and tranquil. There is this story in my head about a little cottage that sits under this bridge – do you see what I mean? Look closely and you will see a dark shape in the middle of the bridge that resembles the roof of a hut, and it looks like there is a little cottage or hut attached to it. I think there’s a door on the other side! Ssshhhhhh…..

In reality though, this spot is such a pretty and peaceful space, from the vines running on the bridge to the calm  water almost at a stand still underneath, topped off with the wonderful stone structures. I think it would make for a perfect jigsaw puzzle or painting. It simply holds my creative mind hostage and fills my head with so many different possibilities! It inspires me!

Do you know what inspires you? Or what truly makes your day a good day? What do you do when you feel inspired? Indulge yourself in these feelings regularly and see where it takes you. We all deserve to feel inspired at least once a day, or have something bring a smile and a bit of tranquility to our minds.

Have a wonderful and inspiring Tuesday! Hugs and Butterfly Kisses draped in dreams, fantasies and real possibilities!