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January 18, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning! Happy Thursday! Who still believes in Fairies? Sssssshhhhhh…You don’t need to say it out loud…We will keep your secret if you do though…I think we need to believe that each day can be magical, it’s how we choose to play it out.

This morning is beautiful and as I type, I am listening to the happy singing of birds, the sun is a huge ball of fire in the sky, yet the fresh morning chill is still in the air. Early mornings are still my favourite time of the day, it is the most peaceful time of the day for me. We should all have a time of day when we can just feel ourselves relax, breathe, and be still without all the “noise” of the day to blur our thoughts and cloud our vision. YUP! I meant to say it that way, so sit quietly somewhere and think about what that means for you. They go hand in hand.

Always take time out for yourself, whether you are a hardworking Dad hustling through the day, a busy Mom who is juggling work, motherhood, chores etc., or a student studying hard to make those good grades, we ALL need “me time” to do something that allows us to breathe in our space, to smile at something beautiful or special, and to just let our shoulder slump!

Have an awesome Thursday and take a moment to love you.