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Facing your Fears and Doing it Anyway – The London Eye

January 17, 2018 by Sally


Good Morning! Happy Wednesday!

I like to think we all have fears that way I don’t feel so alone. What say you? One of mine is heights!

I had always wanted to go on the London Eye for quite a few years but, that lingering fear of actually being alllllll the way up there seemed insurmountable. During my visit last year, I was with a friends celebrating her son’s birthday. He wanted to go on The Eye. YAY! NO!! LAWD!! Panic!! I really wanted to overcome my fear on this trip especially as this day would be my second trip down to that area and would be my last chance before leaving England. As we walked towards the building to line up – palms started to get sweaty, stomach filled with butterflies, and my “nephew” kept saying “Aunty Sally it will be fine”. Standing in line and actually reaching to the suspended pod that I literally had to hop onto, I am hearing a voice in my head, telling me not to turn around and run, because it will be fine and as low as the pound was I’d already paid – NO TURNING BACK!! 

Well, once “locked into” the pod I shifted my focus to a group of women getting into another pod behind us, I then sat down and breathed deeply. I decided to look at the actual structure of what held this amazing “ride” together. The sheer size of the poles, the bolts, the structure, the cables, everything had me totally mesmerised, it was fascinating, my mind amazed at what it must have taken to build it, the Pods could hold at least 15 of us if not more. I then shifted my gaze to outside as we got higher and managed to move from my seat to the windows which facilitated a 360* view of London. The photographer in me took over and I was finally feeling at ease.  The beauty of the city and all that I could see from so high up had me transfixed, the Bridges, Big Ben, The Shard, and I even noticed that the people below me seemed very tiny. There were moments off and on where I became anxious but I was able to talk it into going away. Once we got off The Eye I was so happy that I had done it, that I had really enjoyed it. I realised that while I had been anxious at certain moments, I had managed to overcome the fear and experience a worthwhile adventure.

More often than not in life we really need to acknowledge the fear we feel, fight it and go for the experience anyway. More often than not once we’ve done “it”, whatever “it” is, we always feel such a great sense of accomplishment and release/relief. We invariably end up wondering why we were so fearful to begin with.

In 2018 – Fight your fears and do it anyway!