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It’s New Year’s Eve! Strut into 2018 and own it!!

December 31, 2017 by Sally

Happy New Year!

As we look forward to 2018 we have so much to be thankful for especially the many lessons that have allowed us to grow a little more inside of our minds and hearts!

I personally don’t make or declare any New Year Resolutions, and havent done for several years. I do however promise myself to be more present by trying to be better, to try and do better, to try and practice gratitude daily and to try and be less fearful and I challenge myself to try to be “more” – more patient, more mindful, more creative, more embracing of change, more adventurous, more spiritual, more kind to myself and others as I grow older, and to challenge myself more to do things that I would normally shy away from. Amongst that I also try to find joy in as many things as possible and to seek peace within myself. Notice the operative word here is “try” – it helps take away that hard and fast element that to me sets us up for failure under the “new year resolution” umbrella of “going to”! When I do it this way it allows me to agree within myself that “I will try” to grow in as many ways as possible and seek opportunities to do so…I don’t need to declare it, I just need to feel it and once I can feel it then it somehow makes it natural….

We all know so many people start off with a long “to do list” for the upcoming New Year…. Try doing something different – challenge yourself to find one thing every day to be grateful for, or start a gratitude jar and drop a note in it every time you feel grateful, or create a vision board and look at it every day to help you stay on course with any goals or dreams you may have. You can think of a part of yourself you’d like to become more mindful about, maybe you want to give up sugar, so challenge yourself to work on that, don’t bog yourself down with long to do lists that are near impossible to achieve. If and when you do decide you want to work on something, say for example “patience”, then create a simple note with a few words on it like “be patient as you travel through your day” and put it on your mirror where you will see it every morning, or tape it to your bathroom wall or near where you may do your hair, or next to your bed – you get the idea, and say it every morning and night. You’d be surprised at how effective something that simple can be.

Here are links for you to explore to creating a Vision Board and Gratitude Jar in case you’d like to start :

And folks it doesn’t have to be only at the beginning of the year that you can start making adjustments in your life, we can choose to be mindful all year round at any time!! Take that pressure off of yourself and face the new year with a big deep inhalation of gratitude and exhale any and all your regrets! Be thankful that you are still standing with a new year in front of you, so many didn’t make it, just work at being the best version of yourself so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Butterfly Kisses for The Soul wants to say thank you to everyone who has read our posts, liked them, loved them, shared them and commented on them and who have given us feedback. We hope you will be joining us as we travel into the new year and look forward to having you with us. If you enjoy us please tell a friend, we love to know that we can share a smile and some kindness with others along the way! Sending much love and Butterfly Kisses to all of you and to your families.