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Celebrating Life – The Season for Kindness!

December 11, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Monday!!

I know this has been a difficult year for so many and it continues to be as so much is still left “undone”. Many of our Caribbean brothers and sisters and their children and families will be without so much this year. There have also been people who have generously done so much to help and continue to do so. There are those of us who need to celebrate that we are still here and still have a roof over our heads as here in Antigua we were very fortunate to have escaped the wrath of two devastating hurricanes. Let’s give thanks folks.

In celebrating the season this year I encourage you to share your Blessings. If you haven’t done so as yet and you are able there are several ways to give to those who have been affected by the hurricanes. A simple thing like a book or a small toy can bring lots of joy to a small child, you could share a hot meal on Christmas Day with a family who needs it. Search your mind as to how you could contribute, find a worthy charity and gift something to help a family, a child, an individual celebrate life during the Christmas season. A gift from the heart is the best gift you can ever give!! 

Have a wonderful Monday and week, sending wishes filled to the brim with Love, the gift of giving and loads of glittering Butterfly Kisses.