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Reflections in a Pool called Life….

November 28, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!


“Reflections always show us who we are…” – Do they?!?!

This image and it’s reflections had me thinking…It’s absolutely beautiful to me, but in it’s beauty is hidden dangers and misconceptions, but if you look at it and consider all of that you can relax and enjoy it’s beauty and know not get into the water for a swim, but maybe go on a boat instead!

What do you see when you reflect on things in life when mentally doing so or when looking in a mirror? When you dress and look in the mirror, when you do something and think back on it, when you behave a certain way and try to justify what you did? Do you ever really look at yourself and be honest as to what your reflection is actually showing you? Or even what a situation may be showing you in retrospect?

Take a long second look next time and ask yourself if you are lying to your reflection or is your reflection lying to you? Is what you are wearing really cool or is it you trying to be cool in something that isn’t for you? Was what you said the right thing or the best thing or did you say it because you thought it was what someone wanted to hear, not necessarily what they needed to hear, so the words weren’t really a true reflection of what you truly thought.

Let us try to be more honest and authentic with ourselves so that when we see our reflection in a mirror, in a window or in our minds we don’t have to question our authenticity, we can look and see that we are the real deal!! 

I will leave you with a bit of Shakespeare to end this post – “To thine own self be true!”


Have an absolutely fabulous Tuesday!