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The Elderly are Our Treasures

November 20, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Meaningful Monday!!

I came across this article last week and found it so interesting. I will be sharing articles from time to time to add a different dimension to this page and I would love to get your feedback on what you think, and if you enjoyed it.

I have a love for older people. What many of you may not know is that growing up I had many elderly people around me, three of whom were more significant than any of the others as they were from my father’s side of the family,  my Grampa, my Granny and my Aunty, the others were close family friends or people who were around and who I had to show respect growing up. They had with names like Dada (Kirwan) from down Tanner St., Precious from Sweetes, who was always dressed up, made up and loved perfume, Aunt Tip from across Country Pond on East Street who we all loved and was the Girl Guides leader, after school teacher and family friend, Aunty Belle  who was a hairdresser on Nevis Street, Dr. Wynter who was yes a doctor on Long Street, but a lovely man whose pretty petite wife ran his office – she always wore red lipstick and foxy glasses, Aunty Gwen from down Tanner Street, and Welly who was the shoemaker also on Tanner Street, and Mister Elms, the shopkeeper on South Street. They were all characters in their own right, trust me!!

However, in my family, my Grampa died first when I was about thirty and my son Gio was about three. My Aunty and Granny lived for several years after that, and thankfully were able to build strong relationships with all three of my children. My Granny never passed away until she was 106 years old and her mind was as sharp as a tack! I only knew my mother’s Mom on her side, whom I called Nana, and my Aunts Ivy and Doris all of whom I was very fond of but they all lived in the UK so we corresponded by writing each other letters and occasional phone calls. I can’t begin to tell you how much they shared with me and how many lessons were imparted to me. However, of everyone my Granny was my heart and that was no secret.

Sooooooo when I came across this article  on the BBC News Online page it tugged at my heart in so many ways and I was blown away not just by the statistics of this little island but by the things these elderly folks accomplished every day and their ages – goodness gracious.

I really hope you enjoy the story, as it’s colourful and a really interesting read on what we can accomplish once we stay active, busy and look after ourselves. In the long run it really pays off!

Who are the folks in your life who are elderly and inspire you to try something new, who have taught you or your children various things and who make you think fondly of them when they cross your mind? Have an awesome and inspirational Monday, and let someone who is older than you who plays a role in yours or your children’s lives how special they truly are to you.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses wrapped in pretty memories and lots of warm loving thoughts!!

Christmas is almost here keep watching this space!!!