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Fun Fact Friday – It’s A Dog’s World!!

November 17, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Fun Fact Friday!

I love learning new things and that’s why I enjoy any opportunity I get to travel or see a new place, or environment. I love walking through parks, riding on trains, on buses, planes and walking through the streets of a new place, looking around and people watching.

Soooooooooo, here I am walking through Greenwich Park in London and I keep seeing these strange looking square-ish shaped things on a short pole….and i pass a few then decide to stop and have a good look-see at it, so I bend down when I notice words and see “DOG WASTE ONLY”!! Well, I am once again chuckling as I write ’cause my brain went into overdrive with a million and one questions all at once while I was cackling down de people dem park. I was like – who the hell comes around and opens these things and clears them, how often do they do it, do they have to bag the stuff first before putting it in the flap, how hygienic is THIS really, who watches to see that they are being used and the stuff isn’t left on the grass, do they know bacteria grows, multiplies AND moves…?????? I had visions of Dog cops on “poop patrol” hiding behind them big trees in that park…. Look see I was so glad I didn’t lean on it by accident or go too close. And lemme tell you it looks solid! Kinda like it’s made out of the same stuff old english mailboxes are made from.

All joke aside now, I did a little research and they have a proper name, they are called “Furnitubes” for dog waste. I am happy to report there was no smell emanating from them and in all seriousness it’s a damn good idea because the day I was walking through the park there were people sitting on the grass, laying on it and kids romping in it. My friend who I was liming with at the time said in the summer you can’t find space to sit down how it’s crowded. So while it is a genuinely sensible and practical thing, the Caribbean side of me was totally bewildered and amused by it because it was just really funny. However, I do know that in other countries they have to scoop up the poop and bag it and take it and dispose of it properly, but this was taking it to a whole other level of keeping the grass, air and environment clean! I really did appreciate it, who wants to step in something unpleasant while strolling through the park!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, share a laugh and smile every chance you get! Laughter is good for the heart, it keeps it young! Tell anyone who asks I said so….