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Throw Back Thursday!!

November 16, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy TBT!! Now we know every one grows up with dreams, and I have to laugh right now because I am so “mature” now I can’t remember what this little girl dreamed of becoming originally but I do remember very clearly what she wanted to do when she was a teenager. The most important message I want to share this morning is for you to follow your dreams, if it stirs passion within you then go after them.

However, most little people love being little and mischievous, don’t you think? And I think this little girl must still be, she looks like she has enough mischief in her to last a lifetime, but that’s not what the chatter is about today, let’s refocus… 🙂

If your desire to do something is strong enough and you don’t do it when you are beginning your life as an adult or you have to do something else other than your passion for some other reason, it will most likely start to show itself later on if it doesn’t get attended to. YUP! Pay attention to those deep desires to follow what has been gifted to you. We are all creative in everything we do, we just need to tap into it!! 

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Thursday and I also hope I have tempted you to pull out old photographs to look at yourself and reminisce on what that “little person” wanted to do when they grew up, is it relative today or did they discover their true calling later on in life, and followed their dreams? Have fun with this!!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses surrounded by childhood dreams, life long desires and dreams fulfilled!!  Be kind to yourself and others and share a smile!