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Fun Fact Friday – “Good Luck and Coffee”

November 10, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Guess what day it is here at Butterfly Kisses for The Soul? FUN FACT FRIDAY!!

Imagine going for a coffee in Luxembourg at a Coffee Bar and being told there is a tradition that one must do that comes from Italy. So I was like really? What tradition is that? Then my friend Carlotta tells me I must “stomp on the balls of the bull for good luck”! Now I am from the Caribbean, we doh mess with bulls much less try to stomp on their balls!! So I was like “Whaaaatttt?” (not taking it literally of course but still clueless and dunce). She points downwards and I see this beautiful bronze like hefty bull inlaid on the wooden floor. I was surprised then, if you know me at all I dissolved into stitches!! I must stand up here in these people beautiful and ornately decorated Cafe Bar called Caffe Torino, and stomp this Bull’s balls! Lawd have mercy! Well being equally affected by tradition that causes good luck we all know the opposite is usually bad luck – who needs bad luck??? SO I stomped on that Bull’s balls and sat down to my very chic cup of Capuccino in this very classy Cafe Bar in downtown Luxembourg and marveled at the details surrounding me. And while I sipped my Capuccino I couldn’t help thinking to myself that tradition taken from one country to another and shared makes for such an interesting life, as we all move around and take what we are accustomed to with us.

So right there in the middle of Luxembourg I had my own first Italian experience with my lovely Italian friend Carlotta! 


P.S. You need to check out the links below to see for yourself that this really is a “thing”. I absolutely love it!!

Stepping on the Bull’s Balls in Milan