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My “Pedigree” AHA Moment!!

November 9, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!

It’s Throw Back Thursday, but not by much!! Today we make a personal journey!

Soooooooo…….last week Wednesday, I lifted this large bag of Pedigree dog food from the back of my car to the Laundry room of my home, maybe 20 feet or so – I was like “shit this is heavy!”

As I rested that sucker down, I thought to myself “55lbs of dog food…damn!”. Talk about a real life “AHA Moment”, an epiphany really and truly! I said to myself “Sally you have lost 57lbs, two pounds more than this bag of dog food. You were walking around with all of that in fat on your body, my God!!”

This journey that I have been on has been such a huge effort and such a major personal accomplishment that it blew my mind to actually look at the bag of dog food and it’s dimensions and realize I was lugging all of that around on me every day. When you look at the image of it on the ground, keep in mind each tile is about twelve and a half inches square or just under 33cm. While it made me proud it also made me a bit sad, because I had been carrying it around for such a long time that the body I once had is no longer “available” – and it was such a really hot body…. Actually I chuckled at the time cause I refuse to have regrets and I choose to learn from stuff that goes on in my life. I am starting to accept the “newer sexy version of me” with all the perfect imperfections. I also said to myself then that “I think am going to print an image of this photo and stick it on my damn bathroom mirror as a reminder of what it looked and felt like to carry such a heavy load on my body every day”. Let me tell you I have since done so AND it’s the wallpaper image on my phone – a visual reminder of where I was and where my journey has brought me!

A friend had suggested that one day I actually lift something relative to the weight I had lost and that was several months ago and I hadn’t got around to doing it…Look how it’s just happened without me actually actioning that suggestion, but I want her to know it’s had a huge impact on me today…who says the Universe does not conspire to make things happen…thank you Nicole Eastmond for putting it out there…it was an eye opener for rizzle!

To all you folks out there struggling to achieve a goal, don’t look back, just put one foot in front of the other every day and challenge yourself to do more until you make it a part of who you are, you will get closer to that goal every day!

Don’t give up, be like Nike and ” just do it”!

I’d really like to thank Pedigree Dog Food for being my beacon and making my “AHA” moment such an epiphany – who’d have thought lifting a bag of dog food could be such a wonderful and enlightening experience!


(If you wish to see more images from my journey see my personal IG page @dragonlady_fiveoh)