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How Do You Live Your One Life?

November 8, 2017 by Sally


Good Morning! Happy Whacky Wednesday!!


Between yesterday and today how many things have happened that either shocked you,dismayed you, gave you pause, made you think of where your life was going or wishing you did more fun things instead of “adulting” so much?????

WELL….I think it happens more than we like to admit because “adulting” can get quite frustrating and weighty between the bills and responsibilities in life….More and more we hear persons who suddenly get sick and all they ever did was work hard, or of someone passing suddenly and it leaves us all in shock because they were so young… It always gives us pause – what am I doing…am I living my life to the fullest? Do I even enjoy the one I have and the way I have chosen to live it? So many questions eh?

Maybe it’s time to flip that switch in your head and start paying attention to how you spend the hours, minutes and seconds that you do have – where work, children and bills etc. aren’t dominating your brain.

The child in this photo caught my attention as he ran straight out of the restaurant to who I assumed was his Dad, and others who could have been grandparents on the other side. He neither looked left nor right, the adults weren’t alarmed either, I was shocked then remembered where I was, they didn’t drive like maniacs on these streets. His face, his way of running, his carefree joy and innocence made me pause and think what it truly means to be a kid!

How many of us lose that “Joie De Vivre” as we grow up and look oddly at other adults who choose to live their life to the max. How would you live your one life if you didn’t have restraints or responsibilities that made you double and triple think about doing what made your heart and mind buzz OR if you didn’t live fearfully about executing your dreams because you worry what people may think or you just worry??

We need to stop that because life seemingly gets shorter, we stress way too much about things and we stress way too much about other people and what they may think and we stress way too much about negative “what ifs?”

So think about my question and see what answers you come up with and if you want to do something differently and if you don’t like your answers – what are you going to do about them?

Have an awesome Whacky Wednesday! Try to find the little kid in you and what made that kid smile and giggle…He/She is still there, you’ve just covered up that little person with too much adulting stuff, so go digging for the little mojo you had and believed in as a child, and begin to live more and stress less!!