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Rise Upwards and Move Onwards….

July 28, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Friday!!

When you are faced with change that you didn’t see coming or that you were not prepared for, it can be frightening and a huge challenge to deal with. Do your best to find a positive way through, even if it is a small positive that you can build on. That small seed of positivity will grow and help you work past the fear and anxiety brought about by the situation.

Most importantly you have to embrace the change you are faced with. Stay positive and each day as you go through the process of acceptance and finding positivity you will become more accepting of what you are facing.

And as I always encourage myself and others around me to do, turn that challenge, that change you weren’t willing to embrace before and make it into a lesson and gain strength and knowledge from the experience! Many times an unanticipated change creates an opportunity for us to grow!

Then you can “Rise upwards and move onwards”!¬†Each day you survive through a challenge is a winnnig day for YOU!!