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Feel the Fear Friday….And DO IT anyway!!

July 21, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning! Welcome to “Feel the Fear Friday….And DO IT anyway!!”

Just to keep things in perspective and so you can appreciate the powerful changes of the ocean at this location, immediately below is a photo of my daughter jumping off of Devil’s Bridge in Antigua, then below that image is another of the exact same place three weeks ago, which I shared here also! This is the Atlantic Ocean and can be calm and clear one day or a raging frothy violent body of water another. 

One Summer about three years ago, when she was about 19, she made that jump off of Devil’s Bridge. I watched her, a few friends, her cousins, siblings and Uncle jump! All the while I took photos of each one as they did, I was completely fascinated by their behaviour. Almost every one of them stood at the edge of the rock and watched the ocean beneath them for a while before making that leap. It is about a fifteen foot drop to the water’s surface…Could you make such a bold leap and jump into that water? Weigh the odds, the risk, fight the fear and DO IT ANYWAY?!?!

Life is full of risks, it’s not about ignoring the fear, it’s about weighing the elements involved and making a calculated decision to embrace that fear because overcoming it and carrying out the action makes you feel liberated and stronger to face the next challenge that crosses your path. Sometimes you don’t have much time to think, you just have to act.

Be Bold…Be Brave…JUMP!!

Have a supercalifragilisticexpiallydocious weekend!!