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Never Lose Sight of The Details…

July 20, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning! Happy Thursday!

As we work and go through life we tend to breeze through, only seeing the broad picture or the whole of what is actually before us. Unfortunately, there are many details that we miss as we “breeze through” at lightning¬†speed.

For instance, look at the image in this post, there are lots of dark green trees, greenish swamp water, pretty light green leaves bathed in sunlight with little pink flowers – the Coralita vine, light reflecting on the water, but where oh where is that Blue Heron? Look closely…Under the word “picture” in the narrative, at the water’s edge is the Blue Heron!

You see, I too saw only those things to begin with, then it was through my camera lens that I picked up this Blue Heron, moving ever so slowly and gracefully through the water in the dark shadows under the trees.

As we go through life we should spend more time paying attention to details as we work, play, and live – see new things, notice small things, they will often bring us joy, and show us opportunities to learn and grow, even during difficult times… They are what help us to create images in our minds that turn into memories. Live life, enjoy life, and never lose sight of details…they are what count most in the long run.

Have a wonderful day.