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Freaky Friday – Need a Ride or Sitting Quiet?

July 14, 2017 by Sally

Happy Freaky Friday!

What’s on your list of things to do this weekend? Are you Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Bungee Jumping, Off Track racing, Dirt Bike riding? OR like me hanging out, going to Colours Fete and hitting the beach? Why on earth does that sound so boring after all those other options? Because they are fairly safe in contrast to all the ones I mentioned prior.

BUT do you know how many people do that regularly, and for them they always need that crazy rush. I remember my days as a youth jumping off of rocky shelves into the sea, sailing between small islands on a friend’s Hobie Cat and your parents not knowing. Then as an adult, rappelling down a rocky cliff to get to Little Bay beach in Anguilla, then climbing back up, and another time going on a fishing boat to Montserrat with 20 other friends for a weekend while getting caught in a squall with 20ft waves, I also remember sitting in a Yacht’s Spinnaker Sail rope as it took me skyward over the sea and then letting go and jumping feet first in….YUP!! I have done my fair share of madness, just to mention a few. AND I am quite happy at 53 to sit on the beach and have a cold Carib or Vodka with coconut water and just chill with friends and family!

Whatever adventure you’re having this weekend, whether it’s under the shade of a grape tree with your toes in the powdery sand sipping an exotic drink OR you’re driving across the Mojave Desert OR racing a funny fast car on a homemade track….HAVE FUN – Laugh a lot, giggle much, and smile at everything that makes your heart sing…..Just be careful of getting a ride from anyone driving a volkswagon bug on spider legs!!