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Arriving at Your Destination – The Gates of Success

July 12, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!


How often do you taste the sweet flavours of success? Whenever and if ever you have, does it leave you wanting more and did it just land in your lap or you had to work hard to achieve it? Have you ever sat down and truly analyzed what happened, when it happened or how you made it happen? I am sure you didn’t lay in bed and relax while willing it to happen.

In life we learn that most things don’t come easily, they may get easier or they may not but if we want something really badly we usually have to work hard to achieve it. We make sacrifices, we take risks, we fail and we experience challenges, but we continue to chase that dream or that vision we have.

Half the battle is how we choose to deal with the things that challenge us most and our attitude in life whether we choose to see life – full of promise or empty with disappointment!

The Pelican is a big bird and when they spot with their beady eyes a fish swimming below in the ocean and they are several feet up in the sky, they suddenly swoop down, gracefully, with such speed and determination that in a blink of an eye they have closed that gap of distance between them and the fish swimming just below the sea’s surface. Very often they get that fish, but on the times that they don’t they circle back, and continue the search from above and then make that sudden speedy descent once more…until…yes…they catch that fish!! Because they are feeding that hunger growing within them!

Let’s not forget the hunger with which we need to pursue our dreams, the visions we hold in our minds, the hope of all things possible… Always be hungry and determined, don’t lose your drive, stay motivated, be graceful in how you do things unless you’re going to battle, then plan with accuracy and prepare to be strong against the opposing tides and the forces of the wind… The gates of success are within reach!

Have an wonderful Wednesday, keep smiling in the face of adversity and show kindness even under the most difficult of situations.