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Terrific Tuesday – Life’s Perfect Imperfections….Embrace them.

July 11, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning…

Today is going to be a Terrific Tuesday!!

Oftentimes we look at our life, the people and things that make it so unique and special and think that it’s not good enough or it’s not perfect, but really and truly what is “perfect/perfection”? Do we think that anyone else has a perfect life? For starters stop right there! Never compare your life to anyone else’s – you do not know what their life really comprises of or how they got what they have and whether their life is really as “perfect” as it seems. Concentrate on your own and make it the best life that you can and the one that you dream of for yourself. If you can learn something positive from another’s life then so be it, but don’t ever be envious. It matters not what others do, just live your own as best you can. Fill it with love, smiles, laughter, the material things that you need and do your best to be kind to others and yourself.

Remember that old saying when you think you see perfection over the fence – “All that glitters is not gold”.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, never stop smiling and being kind to others, and live the best life that you know how.