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A time for Chatter and a Time for Silence….

June 29, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Some days we truly need to be surrounded by quiet.

We all underestimate the importance of silence.

Silence allows you to become aware of the many things that may be happening around you. Both near and far. Try sitting in complete silence, simply quietly at first, then close your eyes, pay attention to how many different sounds you become aware of during that time. Open your eyes and once again become aware of how your body feels and what you noticed while you were being still and quiet. I am sure your heart rate slowed down, your breathing became more even and you became aware of a sense of peace creeping into your body and mind….

The art of experiencing quiet and listening in silence is not over rated!

Have a wonderful day and take time out to listen quietly to the life around you. It is truly rewarding to your mind, body and soul.