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It’s a Beautiful Monday – Celebrate Life!!

June 19, 2017 by Sally


It’s the start of a new week and a great day to begin the rest of your life!! Are you awake and thankful for ALL the things in your life…?

Sit down for one minute, yes one minute, and think of allllllll the things you feel grateful for, from the roof over your head to the glass of clean water that you have access to, and what about that the bar of soap you are able to keep your body clean with, and the bed you slept in, and the shoes you can put on your feet….YES all of those are reasons to be grateful, because so many others in the world don’t have such privileges!!

So be grateful, thankful, happy and appreciative of the things you are Blessed with in your space…

Have a wonderful day, sending each of you hugs and Butterfly Kisses to fill your soul with an abundance of love and peaceful thoughts. Please remember to share a smile with someone and a kind word, some of us do wake up feeling lost and sad and need a kind word here or there so we can feel special in some small way!