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June 12, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!!!

Do you ever look around you and get tired of how much we all judge each other on a regular basis? Too often we are looking at others and critiquing their lives…

Stop for a minute…stop for a hot second….close your eyes and think about my next question….

What makes you think their struggles are any different to yours?

Everyone has struggles, most people do the best with what they have at the time…and I don’t necessarily always mean money, however in many cases it does… But I mean intangibles such as knowledge, understanding, ability to deal with certain situations, experience, resources, support, literacy, strength -mental and physical, living circumstances…there are so many factors that impact how we manage our lives…

Let’s do our best not to judge our fellow man/woman especially our younger people because now that we are grown there are so many things in our past that we may have done differently with the knowledge and experience that we have today…Instead offer support where it may be needed or wanted…If not, be and let be…

Have a beautiful day and remember we were all created equally, but it’s our circumstances in life and the decisions we have to make in order to survive that impacts the path we are sometimes forced to take….

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses drizzled in golden honey and smothered with a large dollop of understanding!!

Be kind and keep smiling….