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Identifying the good in every day…

June 7, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning! When your day starts out rough, or isn’t going well, do you succumb to the stress or do you look for the positives that have been a part of your day also? If you don’t then it’s time to do so!

When you are putting out fires and can’t stop to take note of a special moment then at the end of the day as you go over situations in your mind, don’t just look at all the things that may have gone wrong, take stock of all the things that went right as well!! Make a mental note of how you could do things or handle things differently next time, BUT list the things that you did right and were a positive force in your day; if you work with others remember them also and share your thoughts in a positive way!

Always remember to end your day by being mindful of the good in your life!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses splashed with pretty happy dust and covered in sprinkles! Enjoy the rest of your day, share a smile and a kind word to someone next to you!