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Yield when necessary, but never break….

May 25, 2017 by Sally

It’s a beautiful morning, but then every morning is a beautiful morning once you can see its potential.  Sitting here as I often do in the morning listening to the sounds of nature, I feel a sense of peacefulness and love washing over me. But how many of us in this world are fortunate enough to know what that means…

There are days when our struggles feel so difficult that they are overwhelming.

Have you ever watched grass in a storm or in high winds? It bends and gets tousled and tossed every which way by that wind. After the storm has passed and the winds have died down, that grass stays almost flat to the ground showing the patterns of the wind where it lays. Wait, miraculously somehow that grass you thought was playing dead in that field is suddenly all perky and looking brand new, standing tall!! You would never believe it was the same grass laying flat and looking half dead some hours before!

We are no different, we have the same resilience as that grass. As a matter of fact sometimes after having gone through a crisis or a difficult situation the best thing you could do for yourself is to just lie down like that grass and rest a bit, gather your thoughts, take stock of your situation, gain back that strength deep within you then RISE with renewed energy and vigor to start afresh with a stronger sense of who you are because you faced that storm and came out still standing… Don’t give up on yourself ever…Be that blade of grass!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses filled with great resolve and strength while heavily dusted with kindness, love and great positivity…

Keep smiling and being kind to one another, our world needs it more than ever today!! Let someone know they are important, especially a little child who has to grow up in these changed times.