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“Forgiveness Monday” – Forgive others, forgive yourself too….

May 22, 2017 by Sally

Happy Monday…..Today is “Forgiveness Monday”….One of the hardest things to do is to forgive an unkind thing done to you or to forgive yourself for being unkind to someone else….

Truth is some persons don’t care either way while others certainly do… I speak from a point of having experienced both ends of the spectrum and if we were each totally honest with ourselves, we’d realize that at some point in our lives we have all been through one or the other or both!

The thing is how to move on, first of all be kind to yourself….You can’t beat yourself up forever, you need to release it, if you are able to say sorry for your actions then do so, if you can’t then make peace with it. If someone has wronged you and they won’t say sorry, release it and make peace with it….Some mistakes may seem more huge than others and they probably are but try to let it go and move on…

You see when you hold on to something it consumes you and if you don’t learn to let it go it starts to fester and rot within you and you walk around with bad feelings all the time – they become a huge weight to carry, then they start to define you and everything you do has a bitter taste and all the joy gets sucked right out of you, your life and those around you….Let it go…

Starting exploring “forgiveness” today, say a little mantra to yourself when you get up about letting the pain go and forgiving yourself and working up to saying sorry if it’s possible. If you can’t say it to the person right now, keep saying it anyway and mean it otherwise it means nothing, maybe one day you will actually be able to make peace not only within yourself but to share it with the person you offended or with the person who offended you.

Have an awesome week…Hugs and Butterfly Kisses filled with good intentions and peaceful moments of forgiveness!

Always do your best to be kind and share a smile with someone who may need it….Know that we could all do with a bit of forgiveness in our lives….


Happy Forgiveness Monday!!


(Pink and White Oleander flowers growing on the same plant at Long Bay, Antigua)