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Tea… Champagne… Macarons… Why choose…?

May 17, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Wednesday!! It’s midweek already and as far as we can tell it’s Time Out Wednesday!!

Some weeks you just sail through, then there are some weeks that seem to work your last nerve…ok maybe not a whole week, maybe a few days…But either way you need to recognise the signs and take a break!! A break from whatever is clogging up your mind, blocking those creative juices, interrupting your sleep, making your neck tight, just stop…take a moment…and decide – TEA or CHAMPAGNE? COOKIES or MACARONS? TEA CUPS AND SAUCERS or MUGS? PAPER NAPKINS or EMBROIDERED NAPKINS? OR why should you even have to choose? Just go with the whole shebang!!

Whatever you do decide, take a moment, relax, sit and sip something that will soothe your soul, reduce your forehead crease and uplift the corners of your mouth and lips into a sweet self satisfying smile…and yes it is only Wednesday but you need a break so TAKE IT!!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses doused with beautiful reminders to replenish your energy and renew your soul’s joy…Keep smiling and sharing kind words, you never know who else needs to feel uplifted from a difficult moment.