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Live Life…Love Life…Every single day!

May 4, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! It’s a brand new day in my island paradise of Antigua!! What are your plans for today? I would like to highlight Mental Illness today as so many people struggle with it and so many hide, feeling ashamed of their struggle.

You see I was reminded yesterday by my Facebook Memories that May is mental Health Month. However, while I was reminded of this I am always struck by how often I am faced everyday by images as I drive or walk around of persons who visibly struggle with Mental Illness…

There are many who wake up daily and struggle to face the day and cope with simple tasks. Those of us who don’t know intimately the struggle of depression or mental health issues take so much for granted. Too often as we move around in our lives it is striking the number of persons in the street who are affected by various types of Mental Illness, we read about incidents in the newspaper that are about situations created due to Mental Illnesses. We may also have a friend or family member who always seems down and has only a few days when they seem upbeat and struggle to see the “brightness” of any day.

In our society we call them “crazy”, “mad”, “loco” and until recently the institute where mentally ill patients reside was just called “Crazy House”, however, thankfully that has changed and it is now referred to as “Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital”; a huge improvement. Many times they are laughed at or ridiculed, more often than not they are ignored, in some instances a hand is outstretched filled with kindness or a few words exchanged in encouragement. But it is still a subject that is taboo and comes with so many stigmas. Instead of acknowledging that it is an illness and like any other illnesses needs medical assistance and attention we tend to shun it or turn a blind eye to it, and while this is changing we need to be more supportive as a society and change how we think.

We are not alone, the world in general needs to become more aware and more tolerable and sensitive to persons with mental health issues, and as some of us may be aware that is beginning to change as more high profile people speak out about it. We saw Prince Harry speak publicly recently about his struggles with depression after his Mum passed away. I’d like to share the link to an interview he did in London with Bryony Gordon .

One of my other favourite positive reinforcers and speakers that I follow on Instagram and Facebook who speaks out about Depression to bring awareness to everyone and also to the workplace is Matt Monge 

Let’s try to have a conversation and be more open with something that affects more of us than we are willing to admit. Be extremely grateful and thankful if you are not affected by any form of Mental Illness and try to exercise patience and tolerance for those around you who struggle…sometimes a kind word and encouragement and a few moments of conversation may go alot further than you actually realize with persons in such situations…And take a moment and truly appreciate your ability to “live life…love life…every single day!!”, imagine if that were ever taken away from you?!?!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses slathered in honey and sprinkled with positive energy for a wonderful day being sent your way! Share a smile, a hug, a kind word, we all need it in one way or another!