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Have you heard the Secret…..?

April 24, 2017 by Sally

Happy Monday to you!!! I hope you have a splendid Monday and an even greater week!


The beginning of the week is sometimes tough after the weekend but just remember what a nice break you had and think of the new week as a gift for you to do over something you may not have accomplished or it will be the start of something fresh – a new set of 24 hours to do better!


Just think of all the reasons why you do what you do and how often it’s for a person or people who you care about and love…Focus on the love!! It can give you the energy to move mountains, especially if that love is returned!


Have a really wonderful day, remember to count your blessings, your gifts, your challenges, they all contribute to who you are on any given day!


Hugs and Butterfly Kisses filled with tons of love….I have dubbed it Love Monday!!