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Monday – Keep a Look out!

March 20, 2017 by Sally



So often we all dread Monday because it is after the weekend and means the work week is here once again. BUT how about thinking of it as the start of something new…It is the start of a new week!! It is a new week filled with new possibilities – endless possibilities in fact!!


Imagine if you started off thinking positively about the week ahead, it would certainly set the tone for how you anticipate your week to be!! So rather than start your Monday with a frown, turn it around and upside down, make it into a big smile and let it last for a long while!! I guarantee your week will be better than if you began it with a frown!!


Have a Marvellous Monday and an awesome rest of the week….and don’t be selfish share that Monday smile with someone else, make it contagious!! Add a kind and gentle word to turn somebody else’s day around!! 


Hugs and Butterfly Kisses infused with sunshine and laughter!