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“Do As you like” Weekend!!

March 17, 2017 by Sally

Happy Friyay!!


It’s “do as you like” weekend here at Butterfly Kisses for the Soul! What are you going to be doing with your weekend? Share with us snippets of what you do or what you’re planning to do, we’d love to hear from you! I am hoping to have a leisurely coffee¬†break at Vino Joe’s on Friar’s Hill Road sometime tomorrow and weather permitting sand between my toes on Sunday!! Sssshhhhh…some people don’t like to know we are heading to the beach on this side of the world….


Have an amazing weekend, whatever you decide to do have lots of fun, rejuvenate yourself, remember you’ve been working all week and this should be your “down time” to do what makes your heart and soul sing!! Smile plenty and be kind with your words…

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses to everyone!!