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Everything and Everyone has a story….

March 15, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!!

As I looked at the photograph I had chosen for today’s blog post, I remember being drawn to it when I was going to take the picture because I was curious about why this had been left in this spot, among other things. My mind buzzed with curiosity as it had smoke stains from what would have been the remnants of a fire, it’s roof had been partially peeled back like an opened sardine can, a hurricane maybe, it was rusty and it’s paint job was damaged by the elements in which it had stood over time unprotected! I remember a time when it didn’t look like this and it was fresh and brightly coloured. But over time it had yielded initially to the ravages of a fire then of wind, rain, salt…

I look at it and realize it’s not much different to many of us humans as we age, and whether we take care of ourselves or not, we too soon rust a little bit around the edges, our hair becomes more easily ruffled as it becomes lighter and thinner, and our bodies change according to how we manage the elements we face daily in life and the rigors we may put it through…

We all have a story – people and things – and it’s the exterior of it all which usually shows and tells a story of life as it must have happened, and as we all know the interior can be even more interesting as that’s usually where all the hidden secrets and evidence lie and that is where the truth can be found. Just like a book, the exterior can intrigue you but it’s not until you go through the pages that you get to the real elements of the story….


What’s your story? What do the things that surround you daily say about you or the meals that you often choose or the places you may travel to or how you dress and the shoes you pick out to wear, or the kind of wallet you like to buy….


Hugs and Butterfly Kisses smothered in mystery, excitement and adventure with a bit of secrecy as an added element of intrigue! Have a great day, share a smile with someone or think of something special and smile with yourself but always remember to be kind.