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March 8, 2017 by Sally

Happy Wednesday…It’s a good day…It’s always a good day when you open your eyes and can see the day before you…Not everyone can, and I mean this figuratively as well as in reality…

We all need to exercise more patience with others and try to do better understanding the people with whom we come in contact with daily. We are by no means perfect so why do we always expect everyone else around us to be that way…Even those who we think may be perfect actually aren’t because there is no such thing. We all have flaws, many of us strive to do our best, no matter what it’s our individuality that makes us unique, so let’s try to be more accepting of others, try to do better, be better and certainly be kinder by trying to understand that the person we are interacting with that is being unreasonable may have things going on in their life that could be hampering them being their personal best at that time…

Let’s try to be conscious of others and their circumstances, on another day it may be you hoping for compassion and understanding!!


Hugs and Butterfly Kisses dipped in chocolate and ice cream with sprinkles mixed with a lot of sunshiney smiles and large doses of love and understanding!! Remember to share a random smile with someone as you go through your day today!