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Looking Up

February 23, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning!! Happy Thursday!!

Every day look around you, look behind you, look in front of you, but most of all look up! That’s where you should be heading to in life! We climb ladders, we climb mountains, we climb stairs, we climb trees and the higher we climb the more we accomplish, and higher we go the greater the risk because the longer and harder the fall, so you need to keep looking up! If we never look up and aspire to conquer those heights we will forever remain at ground zero! Therefore always look up in whatever you do, aspire for better, for greater, challenge yourself to achieve higher goals, attain higher heights….LOOK UP!!


Hugs and Butterfly Kisses smothered in golden opportunities and amazing accomplishments!


Always remember, share a smile, even share one with yourself and be kind to others their burdens are not yours but you can lighten their load!