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Jack In The Box

February 21, 2017 by Sally

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!


We tend to go through life rolling with the punches that come our way, we ride the daily waves we encounter, and we often choose the path of least resistance!

How often do we do something out of the ordinary or suddenly decide that we are bored with our lives and need excitement, need the thrill of travelling to a different country, eating a new dish, going on an adventure… Then we slowly retract our heads, it quietly settles back into its place on our neck and our bodies slump back into the usual position and we say to ourselves – next year, not this time, I can’t right now, it’s not possible, I’m too busy…. You stay right there in your little box and wait for those times to come, but guess what? They never do!!

Like Jack in the Box, you keep waiting for that moment when all the winding up is exhausted and you will be propelled out of the box…but that coil reaches it’s full potential and you are forcibly yanked right back and then the cover slams shut!


Get out of that box you’ve put yourself into, see beyond the limitations you keep imprisoning yourself with and go after the vision you keep trying to attain! Set out a plan and stick with it, even if you take baby steps, but keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t look back!