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Golden Moments

February 17, 2017 by Sally

Very often in life we are so caught up what is happening around us that we don’t pay attention to the golden moments that we are given, or we don’t savour the moment, we rush right back into the fast lane of our lives. Slow down, breathe, be still, take it in…It may be a sunset, a beautiful butterfly landing on a flower, a hug from someone who cares for you, coffee with a friend. Be present, allow yourself to be aware of the people around you, the smells in the air, the conversation, the facial expressions, the hand gestures…..take it all in and savour the gift being given to you in that moment before it fades away and starts to become something else that may not be as relaxing… Have a beautiful day! Hugs and Butterfly Kisses wrapped in golden blessings and precious moments…Share a smile and be kind to someone who needs it, make someone’s day! <3